About MZ

Welcome to Mental Zone Coach! You have made a great decision to improve your Mental Game.

This is your opportunity to work with my mental game coaching system and to acquire the mental skills needed to play your very best.

As your Mental Coach, my goal for you is to learn to be:

  • Mentally Focused,
  • Emotionally Confident, and
  • Physically Relaxed with every shot you play.

MZ Coach is comprised of 2 main components:

The Front 9 – this is where we Assess your areas of performance and Implement your coaching sequence.

The Back 9 – this is where we Master your performance through additional instructional information and techniques.

The Front 9

The Front 9 is where you begin your coaching program and personal development.  This is where you Assess your game and Implement your personal development.

First, you determine the specific area of your mental game you would like to improve.

Next, you receive your My Coaching profile on those specific mental game performance factors. This is the Implement part of the system.

From the Assess screen you can select 3 of the 9 performance factors to load into your My Coaching profile.

The Front 9 also includes Pre-Shot Routine Videos, a “Shot Journal” and a section I call Rick on the Course.

When you are ready to move forward with additional coaching you can re-Assess your game and select 3 different performance factors to work on.

My coaching system in the Front 9 includes a sequence of video coaching; web based coaching content, development worksheets and a summary audio message for the specific coaching module.

This system follows the method that I use while coaching clients in person and presents an appropriate amount of coaching content for each 30 day segment.

Pre-Shot Routine

The Pre-Shot Routine section is comprised of short videos of me demonstrating best practice routine examples for the various types of shots from the tee to the green.  Use these videos for practice or for getting back on track if you’re struggling on the course.

Shot Journal

The purpose of the shot journal is to make note of your best shots from each round. By entering these great shots in the journal, it will make it easier to recall these shots, thereby boosting your confidence on the course. The key to using a shot journal is the details. Record the important details about those great shots.

Rick on the Course

Rick on the Course is content that is appropriate for review at the practice range, putting green, or even on the course if you choose.  These helpful components of the Front 9 are very brief and can be accessed as you practice or play.

The Back 9

The Back 9 is a resource to help you Master your Mental Game skills.  It represents a library of instructional content supporting the 9 Mental Game Performance Factors as well as related information that will help you be mentally and physically prepared to excel.

The Back 9 includes:

  • Putting it all together – a summary module of my mental game instruction.
  • Instructional Videos – Live lessons on various components of the mental game.